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The Next Era of Connectivity

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The Next Era of ConnectivityDow Image
How innovative materials will enable 5G installation speed and resiliency
Dr. Paul Brigandi, Application Technology Leader, Dow

As the world’s need for high-speed data services drastically increases, so does the pressure and demand on the telecommunications industry to deliver consistent, high-quality connectivity. Experts predict that 5G connections will more than double by 2025, and relaying such massive amounts of data to devices will require millions of miles of new fiber optic cables.

How can the telecommunication industry keep up? Materials designed to last longer, ease cable installation, improve performance and provide greater reliability, can help the industry usher in the future of connectivity.

In areas where connectivity is essential, but space is limited, small, mini and micro fiber optic cables that are packed densely into conduits take up less space while still delivering high-speed services. The installation of these micro cables are air-blown into conduits, a process that can be optimized with a low coefficient of friction. And with quicker and easier air-blowing process for installation, they can also be more efficiently installed in existing conduits to reduce the need for more digging.

Of course, such immense amounts of cabling must be organized for safety and ease of troubleshooting. Laser printing is a fast, visible, and efficient way to mark and permanently identify cable jackets. Using other printing methods may impact the structural integrity of the micro cables making them more susceptible to being removed in air-blown installations. Laser printing removes the risk of damaging cables and improves long-term print durability.

Furthermore, improved durability enables higher-quality and a more reliable signal transmission which reduces the need for repairs or replacement cables

As cables are becoming smaller and denser to support the world’s high demand for connectivity, telecommunications technology must also advance to eliminate any compromise on quality. AXELERON™ FO 6321 BK is one such technology as the all-in-one solution for longer fiber optics cable lifecycle protection and more reliable telecommunications infrastructure.

Designed for micro cables that are up to 60% smaller, 70% lighter and packed more densely into conduits, AXELERON™ FO 6321 BK delivers industry leading low shrinkage rates compared to traditional jackets. With up to 25% less shrinkage, it can help reduce the stress on fiber optic cables that often lead to increased fiber attenuation. The jacketing material also enables laser printing with excellent mark contrast and highly visible marking – removing the risk of damaging cables and improving long-term print durability. AXELERON™ FO 6321 BK can help ease cable installation, improve reliability and usher the industry into the future of connectivity.

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